The VW Golf Mk3 (1992-1998)

                             The rare, odd and prototype's


Volkswagen like to create some unusual models and this is where I will give details on them (photo's are in the galary section)

Golf Mk3 A59 Prototype
The idea was to take the A59 into World Rallying. And was Volkswagen Motorsports latest attempt with the "Golf Rallye". The development of the A59 began early in 1992 until the project took an end in 1994. One of the causes where the cost of the project and that it would be too expensive. Only two project cars were built by Konrad Schmidt Motorsport, for Volkswagen Motorsport.

The Spec
Engine: 2L 16V four cylinder turbo engine with 275 HP @ 6000rpm, 375nm at 3500rpm,
Drive:  6 speed gearbox 4-wheel-drive with viscous coupling
Weight: Weight when empty   1373 kg
Maximum speed: 250Km/h
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h 4,2s

Golf Harlequin The american multi colour model
Volkswagen originally created the Design series to tour at International Auto shows. Due to the huge public response of the original four Design series, 60 more were produced. Eventually, 275 were produced. Based on the GL model the Harlequins were made by building four single-colour Golfs and swapping their body panels. The base colours are Pistachio Green, Ginster Yellow, Tornado Red, and Chagall Blue and the original colour can be found by looking at the roof and rear quarter panels.The cars also had a special interior with matching multicoloured accents on grey cloth.

Some of the last Harlequins did not sell well and were painted back to a solid colour. (making the model even rarer!!)

Group A Golf 16v Kit car, impressive spec as follows:

VW Golf GTI 16V Group A "Kit" Rally Car
Volkwagen have always being in motorsport and joined the group A "Kitcar" rallycar by using the GTI 16v as a base.

The Spec

Engine: Volkswagen 2.0l 16V stroke / bore 90,0 / 84 compression 12,8 : 1
torque 245 Nm
output 191 KW (260 hp)
Drive: 6-speed, sequential, straight cut, unsynchronized front wheel drive
Weight: 995 kg